Message from the chairman

The year of 2018 for APGC, a “Dog Year” in a zodiac term, began with the inaugural Women’s Amateur Asia-Pacific Championship (WAAP) in Singapore. The event went extremely well. The field quality was exceptional. The course was stunning. The tournament administration was of first quality.

We were grateful to The R&A, our partner, for their commitment and dedication. We were extremely honored to have Messrs. Bruce Mitchell, Captain, Clive Edginton, Chairman and Martin Slumbers, Chief Executive of The R&A for the whole week. This was truly exceptional. The success was also attributable to Sentosa Golf Club, Singapore, the Ladies Golf Association and the Singapore Golf Association.

I am thankful to each of the 83 players for the way they displayed exemplary conduct for the game of golf. Everybody was impressed by the way they played as well as the manner they had. Our elite female amateurs are a very important asset to APGC. This event was created with the tagline “Shaping The Future”. The outcome certainly matched our dream.

I would like to thank Rolex, Kabaya Ohayo Holdings and Swinging Skirts Foundation for their significant support – all of you have played a part in this championship. WAAP no doubt has made a tremendous start. The Royal Golf Club in Japan will host the second edition form April 25-28, 2019.

Ten Executive Board members of APGC attended WAAP to celebrate the inauguration of the event. We were pleased to have present our honorary chairman David Cherry who in fact invented the idea of Women’s Amateur Championship. Rae-Vadee Suwan presented a medal in honor of her name to the winner – her compatriot Atthaya Thitikul.

During the week of the Championship we had various meetings among APGC Executive Board members and also with R&A Executives in a frank manner about prevailing issues on golf. While World Handicapping, Rules Modernization, Olympic Golf, and Pace of Play were being discussed, we all came to a conclusion that we should work closely to encourage more people to access the game of golf. If we could aim to have 60 per cent of those in our region playing – but with a more even spread between men and women – there would be a major impact on the game internationally.

Different ideas may be necessary to meet varying demands in each country, but the common goal is to guide people towards understanding the undeniable and innate attraction of golf in the innermost part of our minds. “Golf” is a unique “game” that is rooted in the essential desire of human beings.

In watching the recent Winter Olympic Games in Korea, I was amazed at how many new games were introduced both on the ski slopes and skating rinks to attract people to the field. Can you imagine any new form of game which could be played on golf courses?

By the time of this APGC magazine publishing, the Bonallak and Patsy Hankins Trophies will have been finished. Whatever the consequence may be, I am thankful to both Teams’ captains and vice-captains, Joanne Mckee, Libby Steele, Matt Cutler and Andy Yamanaka for their hard work.

The Masters at Augusta National is approaching and we all hope that Lin Yuxin, Champion of 2017 Asia Pacific Amateur at Royal Wellington, plays well.

Meanwhile, let’s play more golf!

AAC Proud Partners