Oman scheme targets kids

More than 1500 children have been introduced to golf after Golf Oman partnered with the National Bank of Oman to launch an innovative new program.

The first of the scheme’s school roadshows saw the teams go to four schools in four days to teach kids the basics of the game.

Golf Oman is driven to create a stronger pool of domestic golfers and the target naturally is Omani children however the program is open to all children. This roadshow will continue after the summer and visit different regions of Oman.

The National Bank of Oman is the driving force behind the Road to Oman, the Challenge tour, where the final is held in Oman. Part of their support of golf is to help expose the sport to the Omani population.

As a follow-up the schools have been provided with soft golf equipment to continue the golf education.

They also visit one of Oman’s golf course once a week where the more advanced golfers have the chance to gain coaching from the PGA professionals.

Since 2009 when Oman first opened a grass course there has been rapid growth in golf.

In the capital, Muscat, there are four grass courses all offering a different golfing experience.

The country has now begun to emerge as an attractive golf tourism destination.

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