Sports are great for people of all ages, even though we often think of sports as something we can do as a hobby when we have reached a certain age. Sports are interesting because they can be played by people of all ages and thus everyone could reap the benefits of sports.

Children, in particular, have a lot to gain from sports. Children shouldn’t be playing every single sport, but some sports are very good to help children develop motor skills and social skills. Here are such sports, the best ones for developing children.


Swimming is one of the best sports for children. Firstly, swimming is great because everyone should know how to swim and if your child can swim properly and well, then they will be safe whenever they reach open water.

Swimming is also a perfect sport which doesn’t put strain on the joints but allows the muscles and body to develop in all directions, while still giving us a full body workout. Both a solid workout and a sport that doesn’t “hinder” development, swimming is a great choice for children.


Karate isn’t a sport, though there are competitive variants, but a martial art. As such, focus will primarily be on discipline, teaching the children proper behavior and of course, exercise. Karate is great because it teaches certain values to the children that they should know from an early age.

Likewise, children would benefit from the exercise that naturally occurs when practicing karate. Discipline, respect and physical exercise, a great combination for children.


This is easily one of the most popular sports for children, the reason being is that it is simple. It is also a team sport, meaning that children will have to learn to play with one another and strive for teamwork if they want to win. 

This sport is a great sport for developing physically, as well as learning how to operate in a team. It will also give your child lots of exercise and that means less energy spent jumping around the house.


This is a great sport for children. They could start at an early age and the coach would see if they are talented enough. Gymnastics is very good for exercising and developing proper foundations for exercising, a mental state that everyone would benefit from if they were to learn it at an early age.


Dancing is a great alternative for children. Dancing can be physically exhaustive, especially if it is a modern form of dancing such as breakdancing. Ballet and folk dances are also very difficult to practice, but are great for children.

Exposure to music and learning how to dance and handle rhythm are great for children. 

These are the best sports for young developing children that you should consider for your child.

By Imran