A sport is often defined by its star players, but common people have very few interactions with such players. It is often the individual that plays the sport that makes most of the player base, regular people. Yet, every regular, average athlete or sports player, often wants to be as good as the best at a game. Some games require insane physical dedication, while others require repetition, patience and a calm and collected mental game.

Golf is more the latter, albeit controlled power goes a long way in golf. 2022 is upon us and golf has new and not so new names. Here are the best golfers of 2022.

Jon Rahm

Federación de Golf de Madrid, CC BY 3.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Jon Rahm is currently considered one of the best golfers playing at the tour. He is a great competitor and with a recent US Open win, he has proven that he can not only compete with the best, but also contest any Major for a title. He has had multiple top 8 finishes in various majors. His only small problem is the Masters tournament at Augusta, which recently saw him finish 28th, despite being in the top 8 in all the majors in 2021, not to mention winning the US Open.

Scottie Scheffler

Scheffler is one of the upcoming stars to watch this season. He came out of nowhere, well, out of position 25 and after multiple PGA wins, he rocketed to fifth place in the rankings. Another thing to note is that he won the 2022 Masters and is currently at rank number 1. Shceffler is 25 years old but is already dominating the world of golf. However, golf is a hard game where being consistent over multiple years is a big challenge. This is why rankings change so dramatically every single year.

Rory Mcllroy

Rory Mcllory is not a recent name in the world of golf, but is a name that golfers and fans have come to know and respect. He is one of those golfers who has been around, winning multiple majors. The only major tournament that Mcllroy is still missing is the Masters, which is interesting, because he finished second at the 2022 Masters, behind Scheffler by a mere 3 points. It was neck and neck but Mcllroy will still have to fight if he wants to lift a Masters trophy and wear the green jacket.

Colin Morikawa

Currently number 2 in the world, Morikawa is a very good player. He is known for his skill and has already won two majors, while also finishing in the top 8 in most of the majors that he has played recently. Morikawa has not yet shown up in 2022, or rather, despite his overall good game and very decent finishes, he has not managed to win anything in 2022.

Viktor Hovland

Hovland is currently fourth in the world, behind Schaffler, Morikawa and Rahm. He is a player that everyone should be looking out for, because he always brings his A game, but given golf’s competitiveness, he is yet to win a major, which doesn’t mean that he will not in the future. Hovland has everything that a winner needs, which is why he is fourth in the world.

The list of best golfers in the world can change with a tournament or two, but these are probably the ones to look out for in 2022.

By Imran