We all like to practice some sports and interesting activities that make us feel better. We choose all sorts of activities that feel good to us and give us both a good workout and stress relief.

There are plenty of such activities, which people call recreational activities and sometimes, sports. From all the recreational activities out there, people seem to stop at yoga when they need a good workout, a good stretch and finally, something to take their mind off things. 

Most people who don’t do yoga look at it as a form of stretching, but it is so much more.

Yoga is good for us in more ways than one and here is how it is good for us. 

Yoga Helps Us Control Our Breathing

Breathing is what we do all the time, most of the time without thinking about it. We have to breathe, it is one of the most essential things, next to water and food, that we need for survival.

However, directing our breath and controlling it can have very good effects on us, such as calming ourselves when we need to be calm. Just by knowing what to do with our breath, we can control some of our physiology for an instant effect. This is not magic or superstition, but neurobiology in action, so the next time yogis tell you to pay attention to your breathing, you should listen.

Yoga is Good Exercise

Whoever was sedentary for a while and decided that they should try yoga has found out that yoga is really difficult to do. Yoga takes a lot of strength and endurance and without proper training and knowing the forms and positions, there is no doubt that there will be some pain involved, mainly muscle soreness after a successful yoga session.

Those who do yoga and attempt some advanced poses know how difficult yoga is, both from the perspective of endurance and strength, not to mention stretching.

Yoga Stretches Our Muscles and Tendons

For most of us, stretching is a part of exercising that we never do, or rarely do. Stretching is one of the most essential parts of exercise, there to keep us healthy and spry. The more flexible our tendons and muscles are, the less likely they are to tear. Flexible muscles are less prone to being hurt so make sure to stretch every time after an exercise routine.

Or, you could do yoga regularly and keep your muscles flexible. Yoga also helps combat the bad effects of a sedentary lifestyle, like gaming or using a computer for work, or any office or otherwise sedentary job. 

Yoga Has Physical Benefits

Yoga is great for relieving back pain, as well as combating arthritis symptoms. Yoga is also very good for the heart. We all like to feel better or at least, know that we are healthier simply by exercising. As always, yoga is great for feeling better and relieving stress. You can increase your energy levels or simply, brighten your mood which can motivate you to do everything else.

There are many benefits to yoga, so try it whenever you get the opportunity to. Always do yoga with an instructor or guru, if you get the chance. Learning proper form and following instructions is paramount in yoga.

Enjoy your new hobby and recreational activity.

By Imran