Everyone who works out has at some point gone to a gym. Gyms often have weights, machines with weights and machines that help people practice cardio, such as bicycles, treadmills, ellipticals and steppers. 

Gyms are great for more reasons than should be written in a short piece such as this, but there are always the doubters who get out of their hidey holes asking, whether gyms are overrated?

They are not, though it depends on who is rating the gyms. Here are our thoughts on gyms.

Gyms Can Be Perfect

A gym is a tool like any other, which hosts other tools. Gyms can have everything a person needs to exercise without ever feeling the need to go anywhere else. A good gym should have weights, machines and some cardio machines. Some gyms have punching bags, which is an added bonus. Gyms with gym mats or tatami mats are even better, because you could do some bodyweight exercises and not fear of getting injured.

With the right weights and machines, gyms can be completely fine.

It Depends on the Point of View

In some communities, going to the gym is seen as the end of all workout routines, as the only way to become stronger, which is typically reserved for younger men who want to get buff.

In such communities, going to the gym comes with the challenges of enduring various comments and the overall view of the local society. Some people go to the gym to “appear to look better” which are people who train and take photos most of the time. If you’re looking at a gym from that point of view, you won’t find any happiness there.

Gyms are for exercising and getting stronger, larger and more durable.

Gyms Serve a Purpose, But What About the People?

A gym on its own is an empty room with weights and machines. A gym full of people is a gym full of different opinions and people doing their own thing. Some of these people are there to work out while others are there to do something else, something which might not be a workout.

If a gym is full of people who are there to be Instagram stars, then it might be an overrated gym for exercising. You might get too distracted and be the black sheep among the many Instagram stars. 

In general, a gym on its own is nothing but a room that allows people to exercise but when it is full of people, you can usually tell what the said people think about that certain gym.

Exercising Outside is Also Fine

Gyms aren’t overrated anymore than it would be overrated to exercise outside, by running or cycling. A gym is there to provide you with a place to exercise and do specific exercises. Some of these exercises you couldn’t do outside of a gym. 

Strength exercises require a heavy load which is next to impossible to reproduce with just your body alone. But, exercising outside is a good alternative if you find your gyms unbearable. 

Gyms aren’t overrated but the people visiting them might make exercising there more difficult. Choose your gym carefully if you want to exercise in peace or consider exercising outside.

By Imran