Studying can take a toll on our bodies. We have to take a break every so often, otherwise, we end up being more tired than we were when we started to study. Our efficiency also drops the more we work without pausing. 

We need some physical activities in order to stop ourselves from burning out. Students often find ways to entertain themselves and not burn out while studying. They also tend to procrastinate more often than they should, meaning that they have to learn more for a short period of time, leading to overworking.

Here are some recreational activities for students, to help get their life back to balance.


Running has to be one of the best recreational activities for a student. It is easy to do and takes little time to prepare for. You need a pair of running shoes and perhaps some layers of clothing, depending on the season. Once you are comfortably dressed, you can just head out and run.

You could run long-slow distances, tempos or intervals. Either would make a good workout, though people typically like the first one. It gives you enough time to unwind and to think things through, with a clear head. 

You could technically run and still study, by listening to an audiobook. 

Swimming or Rowing

Any water sports are great for students and everyone else, for that matter. Water sports are good because you immerse yourself in water and use the entirety of your body to exercise. Rowing is particularly good because it exercises the shoulders and can be very relaxing, provided that you have where to row.

Swimming is much easier to organize for a student, as most universities tend to have swimming pools and if not, every city should have at least one swimming pool which you could visit on a regular basis. 


There is nothing like using your body to exercise. Calisthenics require the human body to use nothing but its own weight to do exercises which target multiple muscle groups. Calisthenics is colloquially known as street workout, though you don’t have to do it on the street.

It was popularized through videos of people doing muscle ups, one arm pull ups, planches and similar difficult positions. Those are not necessary if you want to do calisthenics, but bodyweight exercises are, because they are the core of calisthenics. Use your body to your advantage and train yourself to be lighter and more mobile.


This is a great recreational activity which doubles as a solid career choice, should you decide to go professional. It only takes a camera and every phone nowadays has one. You can edit your photos on your phone so get to it. It is one of the best recreational activities that you don’t need almost any resources to start doing.

These are the best recreational activities for students, to help balance their work, study and party life. Add some hobbies here and there, and things should start looking better immediately. 

By Imran