When we take up a hobby, we all want to spend time outside, or inside, for that matter, trying to master our hobby. All hobbies tend to be good for us, at least in regards to our mental health. 

However, why not pick a hobby that is also good for our physical health? There are plenty of hobbies that double as great workouts that can help us be physically fit while also staying happy, because we are doing something we love. 

Here are some physically intensive hobbies that you should try.


Gardening is one of those hobbies that you think is easy until you actually start taking care of a garden, and not a couple of plants in pots. Once you have to plow your garden, things start turning difficult. However, gardening is a great hobby that can give you a solid workout, especially if you put some energy into it. Vigorously pulling weeds and plowing the earth should give you a solid workout. It comes as no surprise that farmers of old and even today’s farmers, are relatively fit and healthy.

Bird Photography

Why not attempt and capture your avian friends while they are out and about, doing their own things. Oh, city birds don’t count, or at least, not unless you have to climb a building to take a photo. Going outdoors and into the wilderness to take bird photos is one of the better ways to get yourself out of the house and also enjoy your time outside. 

Bird photography is a great hobby which would go hand in hand with bird watching, albeit you might have some disagreements with the purists, as it often is when people want to stick to the tried and tested, the pure and original. 

Rock Climbing

This is a great hobby which is really physical. There is rarely a hobby that is as difficult as rock climbing. When rock climbing, you are not only climbing, but solving a problem and creating a choreography. When you have to climb a difficult route, you need a certain set of moves which are very efficient, in order to make the entire route.

It is a problem solving experience as much as a physical one. It is also a social experience, so you will most likely have a great time outdoors with your friends.

Open Water Swimming

There is nothing like going to a local lake or a sea/ocean, to swim. You should always familiarize yourself with the water before you start swimming. Even lakes are known for having underwater currents which can send even the most experienced swimmers under.

Ask around to find out whether a lake is safe if it is not, which part of the lake is considered safe. Swimming is a great hobby in general, but if you take it outside, you can combine it with other hobbies like hiking or biking. 


Cycling is one of the best hobbies out there. You can visit your local sights or travel long distances, even. Combine it with other hobbies and you end up being able to travel to almost anywhere and do things such as swim, run, or play sports. Cycling doubles as a hobby and a method of transportation. 

These are the best hobbies you should try if you want to have some physical activity while doing something you love and enjoy.

By Imran