A good workout is not something to dismiss. Working out is very healthy for us and we should be working out regularly if we want to stay healthy and be relatively stress-free. A good workout can help us feel better in more ways than one. Not only would we be physically stronger, but we would also be mentally more resilient. We would be more motivated and simply ready to face new challenges.

There is a small problem, however. Exercises can get boring and repetitive from time to time. There must be something that we can do if we want to make our workouts more entertaining. Here is how we can make workouts more fun.

Friends Will Be Friends

One of the easiest ways to make a workout more fun and to make the time go faster is by having friends with us, to help us do a workout. A friend will not need to physically help us work out, but they could indeed help us by providing us with assistance, in the form of moral support.

Sometimes, not even that is necessary, but the mere presence of another person working out is enough to give us that edge that we need in order to make a workout better and more effective. Friends will help us start a workout and go through the boring phases of a workout, which is why we should always have a friend with us if we are facing a difficult workout.


Music makes everything better. Making a workout playlist is one of the best ways to turn a boring workout into something interesting. Workouts might seem boring, but once that mixtape drops, everything becomes easier to do. However, workout music should not always be present. 

Some workouts which you find fun and interesting, you don’t need to spice up with music. Save that music for when you really need motivation. Sometimes you just don’t want to interact with others and at those times, music comes in handy to block outside noise.

Various Exercises

One of the easiest ways to make a workout easier is to have fewer sets but more exercises. You could do any muscle group with 4 different exercises, which would amount to a total number of sets, let’s say, 12. That would make the exercise a lot more interesting. Three sets of whichever exercises is a lot better than 10 or 12 sets of a single exercise. Adding some variety to the exercise is even better.

This works much better with bodyweight exercises, rather than in the gym, where a bad or improvised form could lead to serious injury.

Change Goals

Workouts don’t need to be strictly goal oriented, but if goals help you to start working out or follow through a plan, then a clear goal should be set. However, the goals don’t need to be on the level of an Olympic athlete, but rather something realistic for yourself, knowing that you might get bored or burned out from a certain plan.

This is where you change the plan to accommodate possible boredom and a lack of motivation, by making it more diverse and interesting. 

Workouts don’t need to be boring, and with these tips, you can make them more interesting for yourself and anyone else you might be working out with. Adapt to overcome your own boredom and you will be grateful to yourself later.

By Imran