Everyone wants to become something great, but not all people can handle the pressure of being great. Some are happy enough to be in the shadow of the limelight, working behind the scenes to make things better.

Coaches, physiotherapists, nutritional specialists, all of these people help and bolster an athlete’s career. People like caddies in golf are irreplaceable and every golfer should have a caddy. Becoming a caddy is not as simple as going and asking a golfer whether they need a caddy.

You have to meet some requirements, particularly if you want to be a PGA caddy.

Here is what you need to do.

Start Learning About Golf

While you might want to be a caddy, it goes without saying that you should know a lot about golf, or rather, almost everything. Golf trivia isn’t necessary, but how clubs work and which size is appropriate for each hole and course, is obligatory. A caddy does not only carry clubs but gives advice and challenges the opinion of their golfer should they think that the opinion is a wrong one. 

A caddy needs to know everything there is to know about golf, or rather, how golf is played. Reading about other caddies’ jobs and skills, watching golf and learning from the best is the way to go. These are the essentials which will make your skill invaluable to a golfer.

Spend Time at Local Golf Courses

This is the next most important thing on the list though it could tie with the first. The best way to learn golf is in person, though that depends on whether there are good golfers and caddies at your local course.

Still, practical experience beats virtual, because you will need to meet people in the industry and network yourself. No one will want to hire a caddy they have never heard of. So, spend time at your local courses and learn the game, while also advertising that you are looking to be someone’s caddy. 

Volunteer or Work as a Caddy at a Local Club

Practical work is necessary. How can you be a caddy if you haven’t practiced. Work with local golfers, carry their bags and learn from them. Surely an elderly golfer will appreciate a caddy helping out, carrying their stuff for them, if nothing else. 

Elderly golfers also tend to be experienced, so you could learn a lot about the game from them. Volunteer to be everyone’s caddy, or rather, work as with many people as possible. A caddy’s job is not just clubs and advice, but people skills. 

Once you have enough experience, you should start networking and reaching out to PGA tour games and golfers, striving to become their caddy. It’s all about skill and advertisement so do both and you will make it.

By Imran