Golfing is not an easy activity, which people learn as soon as they get to a golf course and miss the ball a couple of times, or dig out a solid patch of the course as well as the tee itself. Golf can be a tough sport if you don’t know what you’re doing and anyone’s skills could always be improved.

However, becoming better at golf is not as simple as practicing your swing, though that is a good place to start. The way you practice is important, because golf is not just a game about swinging, but also about tactics, precision and mental fortitude.

Here is how you can improve your golf skills.

Practice the Swing – With Experienced People

This is what most people forget when they go and practice. They just go through the motions but don’t stop to see whether their technique is good and whether it could use some improvement. If you learn something and it becomes muscle memory, but is suboptimal or downright dangerous, it will take a lot more effort to turn those things into something better and less dangerous.

Work with a coach from time to time and make sure to film your practice sessions if your coach can’t be there live. In order not to do the work twice over, or three times as much, find an experienced golfer and learn from them.

Practice Your Patience

Golf is a game of patience. You will hit the ball all the time, and sometimes, the ball will go into a trap and you won’t be able to do much about it, except eventually pull the ball out, continuing the play with a hefty penalty. This is okay, because it happens to everyone, professionals and amateurs alike. 

You have to be patient when playing golf, you can’t let a bad shot get you down. Just breathe and let it go. The next shot is what matters, but only when you get to the tee. Otherwise, you just end up wasting your mental energy and tiring yourself out. 


Missing the ball multiple times when you get to the end can be really terrifying and even worse, could ruin your day if you have 17 holes remaining. This is where the patience comes in, if it happens during a match. However, you can simply go to the green and practice putting.

This can also be done at home, sort of, by creating your own mini-golf course, which tests the putting skill, only. Remember that the shot doesn’t matter, but the game does. Just play and breathe, and of course, practice putting when not competing or playing with friends. 

Analyze Great Golfers

Look at what great golfers do and which club sizes they use for which distance, then compare their relative strength and swing to your own. Try and find the optimal way to approach the game, by learning from the best players.

You can improve your golf skills with these tips, though they are not the only things that can help you improve at golf, so learn carefully and pay attention on the course.

By Imran