Golf is an interesting sport, but in order to play it, you need to find a golf course that has at least 9 holes, even though it would be better if it had 18 holes. Golf courses are very plentiful, but you have to be in the right country. While some countries have golf courses galore, others don’t consider golf that good of a business opportunity and golf courses are scarce.

A fan of golf should visit the world’s most important golf courses. Here they are so make sure to visit them if you are a fan of the sport.

Pebble Beach in California

Pebble Beach is a lovely course located in Monterey, California. It is one of those courses that you must visit. It is a links course, located by the ocean. It is a great course, and anything from the lovely green, sand traps and the ocean, will be taking your breath away. It is a relatively old golf course, by American standards, of course, but it has also become iconic in the past couple of decades, having hosted multiple large championships. 

The Old Course in Scotland

This is the course to visit if you want to see the origins and birthplace of golf. St. Andrews is the town and Scotland the country, the one where golf originated. The Old Course is a traditional links course and every fan should treat themselves to a visit given the opportunity. It is an expensive visit, but any golfer should want to play at the Old Course. Scotland is also home to many more great courses, so a golfer should consider visiting the country in general.

Bernard Gagnon, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Ballybunion Golf Course in Ireland

Both Scotland and Ireland are known for their great golf courses. This one is located in the eponymous town and is a great golf course, a links style overlooking the Atlantic. The course will change when the seasons change, so make sure to bring appropriate clothing. The course is also close to other notable Irish courses such as Tralee, Waterville, Old Head and Lahinch. 

The Royal St George’s Golf Club in England

Located in the historic town of Sandwich in Kent county, the Royal St George’s Golf Club is iconic in many ways. It has a great course and is known for being in the famous 1964 movie, Goldfinger. It has hosted the Open multiple times, as well as other large tournaments. 

These are the must-visit golf courses for every golf fan.

By Imran