We sometimes spend a lot of time sitting by a screen, playing video games, looking for a site as great as https://bitbonuscode.com/ that has offers for their users, or simply, watching TV shows or even short clips. We like computers for this reason. They entertain us and make us feel better. 

There are sports video games, which come off as poor replacements, but we still play them, because we need some sort of entertainment. If we love a certain sport, then playing the video game related to that sport should still be entertaining enough for us.

Personally, I find golf a great game so without further ado, here are the best golf games to play.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004

The Tiger Woods series of games were launched by EA Sports, one of the greatest sports games developers in the world. The franchise is rather successful and remains one of the best golfing franchises to this day.

The 2004 game is not the first game in the series, but is one of the games that took the golfing world by surprise. Most golfers rate it the highest. It was the first game to perfect the controls, particularly the analog joystick controls for the swing. It added notable golfers at the time and new courses, making it a perfect choice for golfers.

Links 2003

Created by Microsoft Game Studios, it is a game that is to this day played by golfers out there. It is considered one of the best golf games because it is almost like a simulator and less like a game. It has an avid online community which competes and plays on a daily basis.

There are various texture and course packs which keep the game fresh, and it is surprising that it still works so well, despite its age. Links 2003 is a great game that golf lovers will enjoy. Beware, though, it is more realistic than the TV series, which might turn some people away.

Golden Tee Golf 2013

Golden Tee is an old title, released first in 1989. Being so old, it had to be remastered or rather, recreated anew, and it was in 2013. The game has multiple editions, so you can now play it as a portable, standalone game, or an arcade version. Old-school gamers will definitely enjoy the arcade version, albeit it will take up a lot of space.  

Mario Golf

Mario Golf is one of the best golf video games out there. If Nintendo knew how to do something, it was how to make a video game. Mario Golf takes golfing very seriously and has one of the best systems for swinging out there. You might not expect that from a Mario game, but knowing Nintendo, it comes as no surprise. 

PGA Tour 2K21

Following the trend of naming sports games after 2020 as 2K and then the other numbers, the current PGA Tour game is nothing to be shy about. It’s got great graphics and an improved gameplay, wonderful new courses and everything you want from a golf game.

It also has support, which is what most old golf games don’t.

These are the best golf video games you can play right now, so try them to see which style fits you the most.

By Imran