Over the last decade, technology has given us a chance to do any activity online. Nowadays people shop form their home, work remotely and find Golden Nugget Casino Slots on entertaining websites. Some of them learn particular skills virtually or acquire some knowledge through online courses. As far as golf is concerned, there is no better way to practice golf than by actually practicing golf. This is to be expected, but going to a golf course requires a lot of time and organization and people don’t often want to go alone. Practicing your swing, the basic and only move that is necessary in golf, without actually getting to practice the swing, is impossible. 

You could go through the motions on your own, at home, but that will not work without actual visual stimulation.

This is where modern technology comes in handy and we can turn to VR to help us practice. VR technology is not new nowadays and VR golf games have existed for a while. Here is how you can use VR golf to practice your swing.


Golf+ is a game made for the Oculus devices and puts you in a gorgeous environment where you can play golf against AI or other players. You can play remotely, of course, though you could play against others in person, as well.

Golf+ is great because it offers actual courses, real courses that people have built and that you could play on. Courses like Wolf Creek and Valhalla are available to you, though some of them are DLC and you have to pay more for them. The game is good and you can practice your swing in VR, while you could also play against others for fun. 

It’s a solid game, though it could use more courses.

Golf 5 E Club

The name could be simpler, but games will be games and they will have difficult to pronounce names. You have only a single course, which is the Dunes course. The VR segment is really good and you can practice your drive and long hits very nicely. The only downside is the said one course, and the green.

The green is very fast, though that could technically be tuned should the developer decide to do so. While a good swinging practice game, it could do with another course, at least. With more tuning, it could become the perfect golf practice tool.

Top Golf VR

Top Golf VR is a great game that is meant to be played with friends. It is not a competitive game, but you could turn it into a competition if you want. The game puts you in virtual courses, ones that are pretty basic, but which get the job done. The swing is particularly good and you could practice your game, both the drive and the putt.

What it lacks for with real courses, it more than makes up for with its gameplay, which is not only entertaining, but could serve to become a good tool for practicing golf when lacking an actual course.

The Golf Club VR

This is a rather good simulation if you ask the people who played the game. It becomes better once you calibrate the game and the distances become quite realistic and you could technically use it as a simulator. The only thing that people complain about is a true multiplayer experience. One vs one gets boring after a while and tournament formats are much more entertaining, especially in a game which you can also play online.

You can easily improve your golf swing by practicing at home with these VR golf games. Be careful not to hit someone or something, though.

By Imran